If you plan on sipping hot chocolate, roasting s’mores by the fire, and sinking into layers of knitwear all winter, what better way to do them than in a home inspired by the season? We’re stoked to show you how you can create a home that is an absolute comfort and joy with discreet yet lovely additions that celebrate winter.

Don’t underestimate how redecorating your home with accents can positively change the mood, energy, and vibe in a room. Ultimately, your winter decor should make you feel excited, invigorated and of course, comfy. 

Soothing Eucalyptus 

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 Known for being low maintenance and having a refreshing scent, this plant easily enhances all decor styles and brings a clean natural vibe to any space.

Place eucalyptus in a clear glass or neutral-colored vase to highlight its lovely emerald green and symmetrical leaves. Position the vase on a side table in the living room, hallway, or by your bed. Every time you pass by, you’ll be greeted by its calming scent and pretty leaves. For a special treat, hang some fresh eucalyptus in your shower, the steam will activate the aroma and your daily shower will become a spa experience with noted health benefits. Win-win!

Warm Throw Blankets

Winter is all about staying warm. Throw blankets add a distinct layer and an inviting vibe to any couch or armchair. The mere sight of them beckons you to curl up in its folds while enjoying a steamy cup of Joe!

Choose a throw blanket with plush, warm fabric to easily inject a classic winter vibe. Drape our handwoven Alpaca throw blanket over the armrest of a couch or reading chair, and keep one close to your bed for those times you want to be on your bed, but not quite in it yet.

Charming Fireplace

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It’s time to clean out that dusty fireplace and bring it to life! This often neglected fixture can lend a charming, inviting aesthetic.

Place tall candles, framed art, and/or decorative vases on both ends of your mantle to enhance your fireplace’s grandeur. Be sure to choose neutral or deep-colored accents to create a signature winter aesthetic. If your fireplace is nonfunctioning, you can still be focal point to enhance the cozy vibe, by adding candles. As a finishing touch, place an armchair close to the fireplace to create a warm oasis of comfort. 

Enchanting Candles

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Candles can really make a room feel extra special. When it comes candles your choices are limitless, and the price vary greatly. Choose a candle that has a scent you love and good looks to match. If labels aren't your thing, place the candle in a holder or bowl, or soak the label off. We love arranging candles by a reading spot, on a side table, or on a floating shelf to create the perfect mood for a much-needed self-care sesh. 

Festive Holiday Lights

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Who says string lights are just for Christmas trees? String lights will effortlessly anchor your living room’s winter aesthetic and keep the festive vibes going all season long. 

Thick High Pile Rug

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via CoterieBrooklyn

Imagine this — you wake up in the morning and your feet land on a high pile rug by your bed. What a great way to greet the day! Make this fantasy a reality by placing a luxuriously thick high pile rug at the foot or side of your bed to give your feet a sweet treat every time they hit the floor.

We love placing a high pile rug by the fireplace where we can plop down and daydream the hours away. You can place one in the living room in front of your couch where you can get cozy with loved ones and enjoy a ready-made snuggle spot on the floor.

The Finishing Touch: Have Fun and Experiment With Homey Winter Additions

It’s amazing what a few chosen touches can do for a home. A throw blanket here, deliciously scented candles there, and twinkling holiday lights can transform your space into a cozy winter home. Don’t be afraid to play around with these fun suggestions to make the most of this magical season.

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