Ever look at a bare spot like a bench or reading nook and wonder what you could do to make it a bit more appealing? There are plenty of ways to use minimal accents to create a subtle yet impactful decorative impact.  We find that decorative pillows make the perfect pièce de résistance of any room, they can enhance your decor almost effortlessly, as they tie in and elevate an existing aesthetic and add a warm, cozy touch to any corner (they are pillows after all). 

You’ll be thrilled by our Coterie Brooklyn throw pillows that exude a minimalist appeal and understated elegance. Throw pillows are for EVERY style of decor. But where are you gonna put all those pillows?

Tastefully Decorated Entryway Benches

An entryway bench is the first thing a guest will see when they enter your home. Throw pillows act as a subtle reveal to introduce newcomers to your home’s decor and style. You could place a cluster of throw pillows on one or both ends of the bench to add a pop of color to an otherwise mundane surface. 

Pretty Baskets

via @making_highview_home
via @making_highview_home

Instead of piling throw cushions into a concealed storage box, we love stacking them inside a wicker or metal basket! This way, you inject a space with thoughtful details that create an inviting, uber cozy vibe. Get inspired to update plain, unoccupied corners with unique accent pillows to perfectly anchor a room’s existing style...and keeps pillows at arms length, should you need them. 

Inviting Window Nooks

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The idea of curling up to a favorite book and a warm drink surrounded by plush Coterie Brooklyn throw pillows sounds divine! Throw pillows lend empty nooks oodles of comfort that will make you look forward to coming home after a long day. 

Uplifting Dining Booth/Benches

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Dress up long benches or cushioned seating around a dining booth with a smattering of thoughtful pillows. Why? Because throw pillows will let you break up the monotony of these plain surfaces with pops of color and character. 

Dreamy Kids Bedrooms

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Whether throw pillows are placed on a reading chair or in a crib, they lend a kid’s bedroom an undeniable sense of comfort. Of course you'll need to move them from the crib when babe moves in, but thats the perfect time to transition them to a new spot!  Ultimately, you want to create a soothing environment that translates into a haven of comfort for your wee one. We love arranging statement throw pillows on a freestanding storage bench or inside a teepee playhouse.

To Sum it Up....

Throw pillows leave plenty of room for experimentation and can easily balance a room’s aesthetic. Create a living space that you’re proud of and enjoy living in by making throw pillows a part of your interior decor.

November 23, 2021 — Keleigh T

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