Lip + Cheek Tint, Plant Makeup


Made from ground vegetable, flower and clay materials only- and absolutely free from toxins, additives, and fillers, this is truly a completely earth based product. Each ingredient is beneficial and works to improve your skin, as well as work as a fun pigment to accentuate your natural beauty .

This is a lip and cheek makeup. It is spreadable and the pigment is meant to be blended but it is not glossy or greasy.

Deep Beetroot- A ground beet and alkanate root pigment- a deep merlot tint. Smells of citrus.

Hibiscus Petal- Ground hibiscus petal, red clay, and zinc oxide provide a muted pink, dusty rose flush and protection from the sun! Sweet citrus scent.

Red Clay + Carrot- Red clay along with a touch of Sea Buckthorn for a nutrient boost. An Auburn, earthen, hue- similar to desert soil. 

Deep Beetroot- Ricebran oil, beeswax, iron oxide, alkanate root, frankincense and lemon essential oils
Hibiscus Petal- Ricebran oil, beeswax, Himalayan cedarwood oil, kaolinite (rose clay), zinc oxide, Frankincense and lemon essential oil
Red Clay + Carrot- Oils of ricebran, sea buckthorn, beeswax, kaolinite (rose clay), Brazilian yellow clay, zinc oxide, lemon and Frankincense essential oil

100% Natural
1 oz

*on arm in image the tints shown are in this order from left to right: Hibiscus Petal, Rose Clay + Carrot, Deep Beetroot