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Hyacinth Clutch Bag


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Hyacinth Clutch Bag

This bag is the perfect hybrid of seasonal style and an edgy classic: Clutch & Straw Bag. The bag is made from natural woven hyacinth.

It's the perfect accessory for spring, summer, and autumn and will compliment any outfit with its clever and unique design.

Approx Measurements
Bag Width: 15 in
Bag Height: 7.5 in

The bag is unlined, beaded details not included.

a bit about Water Hyacinth....
The plant originated in the Amazon Basin and was introduced into many parts of the world as an ornamental garden pond plant due to its beauty. It has proliferated in many areas and can now be found on all continents apart from Europe. Due to this fast growth and proliferation (it doubles in size in a few days and produces thousands of seeds) It has begun to causes practical problems for marine life and fishing. It is now considered a serious threat to biodiversity. In effort to turn this problem into solution efforts are being made to harvest the plant as renewable, biodegradable, earth friendly solution.