Sofa Makeover 2020
Sofa Makeover 2020

It's that time of year already! In full reflection mode, many of us will make lists of the changes we want to make in the coming year. Naturally, on that list are the improvements that we want to make in our most personal space, our home.

The living room is a major focal point in our homes; it's a space only second to the kitchen, that our family and friends gather and make memories in. It's the first room you notice when you walk into a home. So if a change is going to happen, it should definitely happen here! Updating your living room does not have to be a lofty or grand project by any means. Just a few easy tweaks can a huge difference!

Let's start in the middle- the sofa. As the focal point of the living room, updating the sofa will make a huge impact. Here are some quick and easy (affordable too!) tweaks that will turn your sofa into the cozy spot of your Pinterest decor dreams. \

1. Add a Slipcover

There really is no need to toss your comfy couch. If it's got good bones, hold on to it! Instead switch up the color, style and texture with a silpcover. I know, I know the first thing to pop into your mind is your grandmothers slip-covered couch, but trust me, slipcovers have come a long way and can do wonders for your space and add years to your sofa.

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2. Cozy it up with a fresh throw Blanket

Now that you've got a good base, it's time to accessorize (this is the fun part)! First, a nice throw blanket! There are so many options to choose from, you can go bold and colorful, neutral and minimal, fuzzy or knotty. Adding or switching out the throw blanket is a good opportunity to introduce a new color into your decor. Whichever way you decide to go, just make sure the blanket is high quality and comfy...after all its not just for looks, you need to be able to snuggle up under it too.


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3. Add Decorative Pillows

(Shameless plug? nah) So now your sofa is dressed and cozy, it's time to accessorize! When picking throw pillow covers you should consider color, design, quantity, and size. Like a throw blanket, your pillow covers can flow monochromatically with your color pallet, introduce a new color, or even highlight a color or pattern that is already in your design but perhaps is overlooked.

Designs are abundant!  There is Velvet which will kick your space up a few notches on the luxe-meter, adding a touch of refinement and texture.

Gorgeous covers featuring faux leather designs will bring warmth and soul to the home while playing nicely off of wooden furniture and accents.

Vintage and hand woven textiles like little pieces of art. the

Designer options highlight some of the best woven designs that work wonderfully in a collection or mixed and matched with other styles.

Your sofa can either be filled to the brim with throw pillows, or lightly accented with just a few - either way decorative pillows are a must to take a sofa to the next level. 

Clarity via Coterie Brooklyn

Mood Indigo via Coterie Brooklyn

Mood Indigo via Coterie Brooklyn


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4. Add new Sofa Legs

This final makeover tidbit, is often overlooked but can make a substantial change to your space...add new legs to your sofa! For many sofas the legs that it left the factory wearing just aren't that interesting, and scream "mass produced" which isn't bad, just a bit boring. With a few simple twists you can pop off your old legs and add some new shiny gold ones, or sleek wooden ones....the possibilites are endless. If you're the DIY type, you could easily remove the existing legs, paint them a cool color (ie. matte green, or metallic bronze) and pop them right back on! Ta-dah! Either way this a cheap but worthy update.

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December 19, 2019 by Andrew Harris