How To Care For Stitched By Grace Mudcloth Pillows

How To Care For Stitched By Grace Mudcloth Pillows

We've handled and worked with mudcloth in the tens of thousands!

We're sharing some of our tips to care for Authentic Mudcloth Pillows

It's Art
Belevie it or not, the best form of care is to use your pillow as a decorative piece for your space. While we know that's not always possible, we find that is the best way to ensure the longevity of your cover.

Cream/Ecru Mudcloth:
beatiful hand painted designs. Pay special care not to get the design wet, as a small percentage will bleed in contact with water. Many don't don't. If you find that the desin does not bleed when in contact with water, you are free to hand wash the cover with a mild soap.

Black Mudcloth.
We recommend spot cleaning black mudcloth as well, but since the designs aren't painted on, the covers are more forgiving. I recommend handwashing in cold water. Some dye will 

Colored Mudcloth: Rust, Mustard, Olive

Reiterate- The best form of care for your pillow is to use it for decorative purposes only!

lay flat to dry
*Care instructions for Stitched By Grace pillows only, we are not responsible for any damage*

August 18, 2018 by Andrew Harris